A Collaborative and Safe Online Environment

Wikis are great for engaging students, involving parents, and sharing resources with colleagues.


Definition, Examples, Brainstorming, Modeling, and Sharing


What's a Wiki?!?

  • Create an easily managed website - all from your internet browser (no software needed),
  • Co-author a classroom, team, committee, or group website,
  • Engage students and staff in collaborative projects,
  • Facilitate an ongoing and dynamic process of organizing and publishing rich content,
  • Track and revert changes made by your students or co-authors, and
  • Quickly edit and manage your wiki!
  • Creating and editing in a wiki is as easy as WYSIWYG (pronounced Wizzee Wig) What You See is What You Get!
Wiki is a Hawaiian term for "quick". Wikis can be created and edited quickly!
(Photo by Andrew Laing)


How can I use a wiki?


How might you use a wiki?

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How do I edit my wiki?

Refer to Edit Your Wiki (also accessible on the left navigation menu) for detailed information.
Things to do today:
1) Delete text
2) Add text
3) Modify text
4) Add a link
5) Add an image
6) Add a document
7) Embed a widget
8) Manage Wiki


Share your wiki!

What theme and colors have you used to design your wiki?
What is your intended audience for your wiki?
What type of application have you chosen for your wiki?

How to use this wiki to learn about wikis:

  • Along the left, you will notice a navigation pane with pages in this wiki. You may also use the Search function if you are looking for a specific explanation.
  • If you plan to work on your wiki and using this as a guide, you may want to open a new tab or window. To open a new tab in most browsers, click File and then "New Tab".
  • You may view and print a list of all pages and files in this wiki by clicking on "Manage Wiki" and then "Pages" or "Files".
  • Click on your user name and add this wiki to your Favorites!