To learn more about managing your wiki's members, click on one of the following to "jump" down the page:
Notifications, Wiki Statistics, Space Usage, Badges, WebDAV, Import Blog Post, and Exports

icon_32_exclamation.pngNotifications allow you, members, or other viewers to subscribe to changes. RSS provides a user to receive notifications delivered to their mail program or reader (i.e. Firefox, Google, Yahoo readers).

icon_32_utilities_monitor.pngWiki Statistics provides valuable data on your wiki’s traffic edits, specific page views, and member usage.

icon_32_graph.pngSpace Usage provides data on pages, files, exports, storage space.

Badges are small, visual links you can add to another website (e.g. a school website, blog or Moodle course). Simply copy the HTML code of a badge and paste it into an HTML field on another website.

icon_32_network.pngWebDAV allows you to access the pages and files in your wiki like your wiki was a folder on your desktop. Click on the WebDAV links on this page to access information on setting-up and using WebDAV.

icon_32_news.pngImport Blog Post allows you to have a blog post linked in your wiki. Enter the blog’s URL in the field and choose the post you want in your wiki.

icon_32_floppy.pngExports allow you to backup your wiki. Choose a file type and export. Save the file on your computer or network drive.