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Pages, Files, Templates, Tags, and Content Manager

icon_32_pages.pngPages allow you to:
  • Print a Page
  • Create a PDF of a Page
  • Delete a page
  • Rename a Page
  • Redirect a Page
  • Lock a Page from Editing (when you “lock” a page, only the organizer can edit that page)
  • Set Specific Permissions for a Page (e.g. Hide a page, Allow certain users to view a Page)


icon_32_folder.pngFiles is a place where all of your wiki files are stored and managed (e.g. Word, PowerPoint document, images, video).

icon_32_clipboard.pngTemplates allows you to create a template from a new or existing page. This may be helpful if you want multiple pages with the same layout/format (e.g. each group of students can have a separate page but all use the same, initial template).

icon_32_chatbubbles.pngAs your wiki grows, Tags are a great way to create a non-hierarchical system of organizing your pages. When you make a new page (making a new page is described in Edit Your Wiki), you can “tag it” with keywords. Users can then easily search or browse a desired tag (e.g. a wiki search for “Civil War” would bring up all pages tagged with Civil War).
The Tags page allows you to manage tags you have created throughout your wiki.

icon_32_cabinet.pngThe Content Manager allows you to edit certain parts of your wiki. For example, if you want every new, blank page to show directions on how to edit the page, you can create a Blank Wiki Content Page.

In this example, directions for users have been created. These directions will appear on all new pages. Page_Content_Creation.png