Layout of your Wiki Page(s)
In the example below, any links or content surrounding the main body is the same from page to page. The purple top and side shown below is consistent throughout any pages you create.


Editing a Wiki Page
1) Click the edit button at the top of the page you want to edit. Note: Depending upon the theme of your wiki, the edit button may be on the left or right side.

2) After clicking the edit, a “floating” Editor Toolbar will appear. When you see this toolbar, you are in editing mode! You may begin typing in the main body. The features of this toolbar are explained under "Edit Your Wiki" (see left menu).

3) On the right of the Editor Toolbar, you may PREVIEW, SAVE, or CANCEL your work. The TEXT EDITOR allows you to view the plain text of your page, similar to the document map view in MS Word.Editor_Toolbar_Save.png