The list of pages in your wiki are initially listed alphabetically, with the Home page always being at the top of the list.
Just below your navigation panel (either on the left or the right depending on the theme of your wiki), you will notice a link to "edit navigation". Clicking this will allow you to edit the list of pages (i.e. the names, order, and add or delete links).

1. After clicking "edit navigation", you should see a light gray box entitled "Include Page List". This is a widget that automatically generates an alphabetical list of your wiki pages. It is suggested you wait to delete this widget.

2. In place of or below your page list widget, type the names of any pages, in any order, you want to appear in your navigation panel. Highlight a page name and click "Link" on your editing toolbar. In the example below, "Page 1" was typed, highlighted, and a Wiki Link created to the page named "Page 1". Continue creating your list of pages and Wiki Links. Once you are finished, you may wish to delete the gray page list widget. Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, you may have problems with highlighting your page name. Instead, type the name of the page in the Link Text box and then select the Page Name.