The chain link icons allow you to insert or remove existing webpage links.

After clicking on the Chain Link, you will see three options - Wiki Link, External Link, and Anchor.

Adding anchors
(two ways to add anchors):
A. Using old-fashion coding language.
The following format must be enclosed with square brackets[ ].
Page Name# AnchorName | DisplayedName

In this example, “Cardiovascular” is the page, “Anatomy” is the Anchor name, and “Anatomy of the Heart” is what the viewer will see on the page:
Cardiovascular # Anatomy | Anatomy of the Heart

B. Using the wiki linking function.
You can also now easily add a link to any part of your wiki page with our link and anchor feature. An anchor is an invisible marker that you can place at any point on your page. You can then link to this marker from any page on your wiki, another wiki entirely, or even another website. This is useful when you want to direct your readers to a specific section of a page.

To set an anchor:
1. Edit the page and place your cursor at the section of the page you want to add the anchor to.
2. Click the “Insert Link” tool in the toolbar and go to the “Anchor” tab.
3. Enter a name for your anchor and click “Add Link.”
Your anchor is now on your page and you can link to it as many times as you’d like from wherever you like.

To link to an anchor:
1. Edit the page where you want to add the link.
2. Go to the “Insert Link” tool in the toolbar and then to the “Wiki Link” tab.
3. Type in the page name that the anchor is on and then click “Link to anchor?”
4. Type in your anchor name, add the link, and voila. You have just added a link to the exact section you want on your page.